Marsica 2 AT

Marsica 2 AT

Type of plant:



Region: Abruzzo
Province / district: L'Aquila
Municipality: Collarmele / Cerchio

Technical data

Nominal power of 28.000,00 kW
Expected average production: 47.000.000 kWh

  • Marsica 2 AT
  • Marsica 2 AT
  • Marsica 2 AT
  • Marsica 2 AT
  • Marsica 2 AT

Generation units

  • 14 Vestas V80-2MW wind turbine generators
  • 1 20/150kV 25/33 MVA transformer

Surveillance and alarm system

  • SCADA integrated Vestas communication platform
  • local or remote control through modem and communication bus
  • electric production data logger and weather station
  • local video-surveillance and in connection with the operational control unit 


The wind farm was built in Alto d’Accio, Monte Coppetella, Costa Muricci, Vallone and Giortanda at an approximate altitude between 950 and 1,150 m with wind turbine generators of 67 m and 78 m in height, and rotor blades of 80 m. The farm exploits the winds from Subequana Valley. The produced energy is sent at a voltage of 20 kV along underground cable ducts, and raised to 150 kV near the Collarmele electrical substation.