Sun Force 4

Sun Force 4

Type of plant:



Region: Molise
Province / district: Campobasso
Municipality: Portocannone

Technical data

Nominal power of 995,22 kWp
Expected average production: 1.378.000 kWh

  • Sun Force 4
  • Sun Force 4
  • Sun Force 4
  • Sun Force 4
  • Sun Force 4

Generation units

  • 4,284 ET-Solar polycrystalline panels
  • 2 SIAC SIEL MT 500 conversion units

Surveillance and alarm system

  • SIAC SOLEIL PS1000 integrated communication platform
  • local or remote control through modem and communication bus
  • electric production data logger and weather station
  • increments of intrusion and theft alarm levels
  • local video-surveillance and in connection with the operational control unit 


The plant is comprised of a photovoltaic array with ground-installed modules at a fixed inclination of 33°, connected through receiving cabin branching directly to the medium voltage electrical line.