Marsica 1 MT

Marsica 1 MT

Type of plant:



Region: Abruzzo
Province / district: L'Aquila
Municipality: Collarmele

Technical data

Nominal power of 8.000,00 kW
Expected average production: 15.000.000 kWh

  • Marsica 1 MT
  • Marsica 1 MT
  • Marsica 1 MT
  • Marsica 1 MT
  • Marsica 1 MT

Generation units

  • 4 Vestas V80-2MW wind turbine generators

Surveillance and alarm system

  • SCADA integrated Vestas communication platform
  • local or remote control through modem and communication bus
  • electric production data logger and weather station
  • local video-surveillance and in connection with the operational control unit


The wind farm was built on the crest of Costa Muricci at an approximate altitude of 1,050 m with wind turbine generators of 78 m in height and rotor blades of 80 m, replacing the former wind farm comprised of 7 250 kW Riva Calzoni single-blade wind turbine generators. The farm exploits the winds coming from Subequana Valley. The produced energy is sent and delivered at a voltage of 20 kV.