Eneco Trade S.r.l. - Energy into power

Eneco Trade S.r.l. - Energy into power

About us

Eneco Trade S.r.l. is part of the Eneco Group. 

What we do

Asset Optimization

The activities performed by Eneco Trade S.r.l. involve the daily programming of the wind, water and turbo-gas generation plants owned by the Eneco Group (overall installed power of 105 MW).  Eneco Trade S.r.l. is in charge of constantly monitoring power plant operation to coordinate programming with production, by correctly performing the dispatching orders received by the relative TSO.  Based on the results that Eneco Trade S.r.l. has obtained, its professional approach and experience, the company has been assigned numerous optimization contracts for production plants owned by third parties.


In addition to Asset Optimization, Eneco Trade S.r.l. is a consultant in the field of trading wholesale energy blocks and environmental securities deriving from renewable energy source production plants owned by the Eneco Group (Green Certificates, TEE, Cofer, GDO). 

These Trading activities are carried out at our operational headquarters in Bolzano.

How we achieve it

Thanks to our programmatic approach, we strive to re-direct current trends in the market according to a horizontal interdependency module, recovering, or rather, re-assessing the reduction in existing discrepancies and non-fulfillment of legislation in force.

Eneco Trade S.r.l.

By identifying partners for energy block trading, Eneco Trade operates on portals such as IPEX, GME (ME/MTE), TERNA, CASC, SII, GSE, PCE, TEE, DAMAS and participates as a balancing manager on the German (AMPRION), French (RTE) and Swiss (SWISSGRID) markets. Our long-standing Italian counterparts are Edison, Enel, Hera, Europe Energy, Axpo, Ener. In order to optimise our work with our partners, Eneco Trade S.r.L. avails of the screen brokerage services provided by TFS, GFI, TULLET PREBON.